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Kesakitan Abadi”


Zuriarts - Kesakitan Abadi

6 track release from this Malaysian black and thrash band. Sorry but I am not a fan of this. Too many of the songs sound too familiar to each other. Cradle of Filth is a big influence on this band. I do not like spoken word in songs by males or females. I will not be an asshole and say oh this bands sucks ass but I just am not into it. 3 out the 6 songs start with a mid-paced riff and the vocalists attempts a Devestation type of vocal lead in. Just doesn’t work for me. I think with time and a few different influences maybe these guys could evolve a bit and change to get better. I will give Shah from the band credit for his perseverance.



1. Hembusan Terakhir

2. Kesakitan Abadi

3. Pembalasan

4. Tangisn Cahaya Bulan

5. Nothing I Can Do … (In Hell)

6. Dead to Hell





Shah Disaster – Guitars/Vocals/Bass

Mizal – Drums

Amir – Guitars

Azil – Guitars

Yon – Keyboards


Rating: 5 out of 10

~Rob of Necrodemon

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