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Scream your Hate

9 Track Album

Release Date: 10th October 2016

Written for Blackened Horde zine

Zora – Vibo Valentia – Italy



Genre: Brutal Death Metal


Zora is a brutal death metal band screaming its extreme hate from Southern Italy. The band were born in 2003 and with the first cd-demo Dismembered Human Race shot its first scream of total repulsion with attitude, and for all those people who day after bastardise every sphere and aspect of the human world … therefore new work began on U.V.A. (Undisciplined Violent Aggression,), and was produced in 2004. A mini-cd was composed with six new songs and produced, like previously, at Sound Farm Studio (Italy). During 2005 the Italian label Eyes of the Dead Productions reprinted the first demo-cd Dismembered Human Race to produce a split cd, and in 2005 Zora signed a contract with the American label Malicious Intent Records which reprinted the mini-cd U.V.A. In 2009 a new split cd called 4 Ways To Scream Your Hate and a year later the Austrian label Bloodred Horizon Records released their first full-length CD Gore, composed with ten new tracks, and signed a new contract for the production and distribution. In 2011 a new single Slave of Mind followed by another single in 2014, Abracadacab, both contained on an EP called Two Shots in 2015. In 2016 Zora, with GLK Molè on guitar, Giampiero Serra on drums and Tat0 on vocals and bass, released a new full length called Scream Your Hate, with nine tracks of pure extreme raging brutal death metal!”


If there is one thing guaranteed to get my blood racing it is the sound of brutal death metal, be it from the UK or Italy or wherever a band are based to perform it. The sheer aggression and attitude of such music, for a real hardened metal head, can definitely be described as ‘music to the ears’

Being no stranger to the music that is now likened to an exorcism, or an orgasm, whichever you prefer, I have to say that Zora have my undivided attention!

The build up to the first track ‘Dripping’ is incredible! You can feel the deep penetrating riffs in your gut ready to explode with baited breath and furthering on the track just builds further. The most orgasmic thing are the tremendous vocal range that the band execute is a sheer delight to behold. Its steady rhythm really has a grip on the senses. ‘Outcast’ is far heavier in rhythm but the vocals still delight in getting under your skin and making you sweat profusely! The gargling vocals are precision driven and superb! ‘Blinded’ just gets stuck into its paces and hits the ground running, again with some ‘off the scale’ vocal squeals and low toned guttural pleasure. ‘Slave of Mind’ possess a serious threat to the aural cavities, especially when the volume is on 11, the rumbling throaty growl hits like a ton of bricks coupled with some magnificent riffs and blast beats is definitely a winner on all accounts. ‘Refuse’ surprises with some Italian, although I have no idea what they are saying, I can guess it isn’t nice just by the tone! It blasts off into an obscure metal void and whips the senses with a hearty grizzling as it guzzles every sense you possess! The quickening rhythm chews at the ears and parts with an unusual ending. ‘Trapped Mosquito’ sounds just like its title. Its fast buzzing tempo ravages the senses and literally pulverises with attention-grabbing ferocity. ‘Banquet of Flesh’ is a dark, heavy foreboding of short choppy vocals that are out to destroy! Erupting blasts tempt with utter contagion and dynamic addiction. ‘Abracadacab’ sounds like the Italian version of ‘Abracadabra’ it may well be, however, not taking an O-Level in Italian who knows? But one thing is for sure, it is mighty heavy and rippling with vehement poison that will infect with exhilaration once the track emanates from the speakers. A dominant rhythm is executed with precision quality. ‘Scream your Hate’ Yes! It’s that time already, as the final track emerges triumphant with its bold, temperamental rhythms and forged in metal vocal chords.

It isn’t something I am happy about, I am talking about the end of this magnificent specimen of an album, not its rhythms or vocal chords you understand, hell no! I could listen all day forever more to this, as I love the feeling of death metal as it subsequently bludgeons my ears to within an inch of their hearing range!

This album comes into its own and indeed will simply own you as you listen to the raucous but absorbing musical passages, there’s nothing quite like brutal death metal for that feeling of pure hate and Zora have captured the moment perfectly on this album.






Track List:




Slave of Mind


Trapped Mosquito

Banquet of Flesh


Scream your Hate




Glk Molè – Guitar

Tat0 – Vocals/Bass

Giampiero Serra – Drums




Zora cover

Gore, the latest album from Italian band Zora is in the great tradition of classic brutal death metal. Listening to this album you might be reminded of classic Cannibal Corpse or Hate. The dual guitar assault is complemented by slightly raspy growling vocals. I can’t help be reminded of George Fisher. Dario Carabons does an admiral job on drums, keeping things tight. It is obvious that these guys know the sound they want and pull it off well. My problem is that there is nothing here that you have not heard before. There is very little in the way of creativity here. The songs are very derivative. Nothing really stands out as unique. Zora don’t have any kind of signature sound on Gore. Does that make it bad, not at all. The album is very well produced. The mix is just about perfect, although the drums could benefit from being slightly brighter in the mix. I feel Zora show great potential here. This is a very strong album. It is just too bad so much of it sounds so familiar.




1. Hipocrisy

2. Humanimals

3. R.I.P.

4. Sign Your Body

5. Gore

6. Hate Me

7. Kill Who Kill Yourself

8. Enslaved by the Pigs

9. Escape

10. Pakidermich








Marko Veraldi – Vocals

Glk Mole – Guitars

TatO – Bass

Giampiero Serra – Drums


Rating: 7 out of 10


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