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Zora is a brutal death metal band screaming its extreme hate from Southern Italy. The band born in 2004 with its first cd-demo Dismembered Human Race, a scream of extreme contempt for all those attitudes and for all those people who day after day bastardizes every sphere and aspect of the human world … therefore a new work, U.V.A. ( Undisciplined Violent Aggression ), was born in December 2004, a mini-cd composed by new six songs and prod again, like the previous, at Sound Farm Studio ( Italy ). During 2005 the italian label Eyes Of The Dead Productions reprint the first demo-cd Dismembered Human Race to produce a split cd, always in 2005 Zora signs a contract of production with the american label Malicious Intent Records which reprint mini-cd U.V.A. . In 2009 is out a new split cd called 4 Ways To Scream Your Hate and one year later the austrian label Bloodred Horizon Record releases their first full-length cd Gore, composed by ten new songs, signing a new contract for the production and distribution with the band. Now, after some line up changes, Zora push ahead like and is working on the new cd with a new line-up made by Gianluca Molè and Fabio Monaco on guitars, Marko Veraldi vocals, Dario Casabona on drums and Tat0 on bass …








Giuseppe Tatangelo

Via Vomero n°4

89851 Ionadi ( VV ) – Italy


Cell : +39 328-0542131

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