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Arrival of the Red Sun”


Zonaria - Arrival of the Red Sun

Sweden is the true home of real melodic death metal. Pioneers like At The Gates, In flames, and Dark Tranquility created the melodic death metal sound and since it has been adopted by various acts hoping to add their own spin on the classic sound. Zonaria is one of those bands. Formed under the name Seal Precious, in 2001 they changed their name and have released three demos and three full-length albums. Arrival Of The Red Sun is the third full-length released by the band and one hell of an amazing melodic death metal album. This is a constantly inventive and creative album that stays within the melodic death metal boundary but shows the growth of the genre over the last twenty years by adding artistic elements to the brilliant song writing. The ten angst ridden songs that are on Arrival Of The Red Sun are inspired pieces of music that are constantly evolving and moving with heavy emotion. There is more than just metal here. The underplayed melodic fundamentals like keyboards are slightly underplayed to the songs benefit and add a profound level of feeling to each one. Vocalist/guitarist Simon Berglund has a perfect death metal voice. He usually stays deep and harsh but can hit raspy high notes when he needs to. He has incredible dictation; he can be understood extremely well, which is a bonus because everything he sings has meaning. They are not just words thrown together with no rhyme or reason. Musically, they way this album swings is quite spectacular. It can be bright and angry on second, and suddenly all but the piano stops to give the listener a real sense of solitude. The record can swing from fast to a mid-tempo headbanging chug with flawless accuracy. Epic at times and somber at times there is great diversity to the songs. This is an incredible voyage from start to finish. Zonaria are a group of professionals and it certainly shows on Arrival Of The Red Sun. This is a fantastic album. Zonaria have proven they have in fact Arrived.




1. Arrival of the Red Sun

2. Silent Holocaust

3. Gunpoint Salvation

4. Liberation Zero

5. The Blood That Must Be Paid

6. Desert Storms

7. A Lullaby to Those Still Alive

8. Full Spectrum Dominance

9. My Vengeance Remains

10. Face My Justice








Simon Berglund – Guitars/Vocals

Max Malmer – Bass

Rickard Lundmark – Drums

Sebastian Westermark – Guitars



Rating: 9 out of 10


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