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At The Caves Of Eternal”


Zombiefication - At the Caves of Eternal

I’m just gonna come out and say it. This. Band. Kicks Ass. This is my first experience with the extreme metallers and I am impressed. These guys are performing at a very high level and do not quit until the record is done. It is a fast faced, in your face record that will leave your ears bleeding after the first song. They can also slow it down and have some VERY heavy riffs that are “break your neck” headbanging worthy. The vocals are exactly how they should be, angry. All in all, this record pays homage to the our fathers of this genre of music and does not disappoint. A must have in your collection.




1. At the Caves of Eternal

2. Disembodied Souls

3. Soul Collector

4. In the Mist

5. Passage of Darkness

6. In the Gallery of Laments

7. The Crypt

8. In the Shadowed Garden

9. Slaves Whisper Your Name








Mr. Hitchcock – Vocals

Mr. Jacko – Bass

Mr. Kim – Guitars

Mr. Brain – Guitars

Mr. Hammer – Drums



Rating: 9 out of 10


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