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Zombie Cookbook - Scared Stiff

This short release is condensed insanity. A little over 6 minutes, the three fact tracks show a particular breed of metal blending brutal death metal with punk elements especially the first song, the second one have a more trashy soundscape with the last being a death-grind. The three tracks, albeit short, show a satisfying progression in the sound, from catchy beats to the grind of the last track boasting the musical versatility of the band.


Production shows some defects, which does not aid the poor production. Nonetheless the guitars sound satisfactory with decent gritty tones despite they sound different for each track. The variance in the vocals is good but slightly overdone in places and not well balanced in the production. The drums are well paced and tight.


I’m not sure what’s going on in the album cover: a zombie being electrocute and somehow being disemboweled in the process. And a mutilated head in the corner. Not what I would call a quality album cover, but it is a short release and the imagery makes-sense. Sort of.


Will I listen to it again? Hell, it is still on loop for now, which is a good thing. Check it out; put it on your mp3 player on loop while doing the groceries. It’s a brutal album and it’s actually fun to listen to.


Best track is the #1.




1. I Sell The Dead

2. I Drink Your Blood

3. Grab The Guts








Dr. Stink – The Vokills

Horace Bones – Guitarded

Ed The Dead – Undead Guitarded

Purgy – Badbass

Dr Freudstein – The Drums Keeper



Rating: 7 out of 10


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