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Znafelriff - Ruin

This year started off with chaos, ruin to be specific, for these guys. This short release is as black as one can get really. The riffing is simple, but not overly so, makes the album refreshing throughout its whole playback. The tracks are of decent length and well paced. The vocals are varied and harsh with some reverb for good measure and the screams are like Silencer’s, unearthly and uncanny. The third track shows skilled guitar work on an ambient background which rests the ears after two mighty and harsh tracks. The drums are also simple but very fast and tight which is no easy feat to accomplish. The last track has a lower tempo than the rest of the album and it makes for a good conclusion.


The quieter excerpts of the release have a faint but noticeable vinyl crackle which I’m still not sure if it was included on purpose or caused by other factors. The dynamics are worthy of praise, with that subtle rumble on the lower notes which is pleasing to listen to. For the most part the guitars are harsh and cold with some muddy parts in the title track, but the acoustic sections are slightly warmer which makes for some well placed intentional mixing. However the sound is very garage-like and I’m sure it’s not done due to resource limitations. The drums are well-played but poorly recorded with the snare being a bit to excessive in some points.


The album artwork reflects the band’s cold nature. The digital work is simple but sublime. Overall there is not much to say about the artwork but its artistic value cannot be denied as is the visual connection with the music.


Will I listen to it again? For sure it’s a good release, and I might give it a shot in the future again. But this album radiates of the whole underground concept which is evident through the sound. It also resonates with the Second-Wave nostalgia (even if it wasn’t the band’s intention), something which I’m not too keen of since I believe it limits a band’s potential. And all of this while ignoring the possible fact that they are actually mocking black metal (if Encyclopaedia Metallum is to be believed).




1. Heisere Stille

2. Ruin

3. Abgrund

4. Graues Land

5. Eismeer aus Angst


Best track is #4







Hesiat – 666 String Guitars
Aarznel – Keyboards/Effects
Borgas – Drums of Doom
Berbeth – Vocals and Screams



Rating: 7.5 out of 10


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