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Yellowtooth - Disgust

While Doom Metal has yet to produce a band that makes me want to listen to them over and over. I like Doom Metal. The types are wide and varied despite all the similarities they do share. While I would not put Yellowtooth up against High On Fire they could share a bill and not disappoint fans I imagine.


Yellowtooth most defining characteristic is the gruff harsh vocals that bark and growl. While I personally do not like clean singing at all, the vocals were a bit of an obstacle at first but they definitely grew on me. They sound best when doubled. Yellowtooth chord progressions are strong and catchy while riff laden. Yellowtooth to their credit stays heavy and does not resort to the all to common psychedelic doom progressions that drag you to a deep sleep.


I RECOMMEND Yellowtooth, and if you are looking to get clued into their sound I would start with the tracks Profetic Ramblings or 75 Black Pontiac.




1. Wizard Dust

2. Soulstalker

3. John Wilkes Booth

4. 75 Black Pontiac

5. Burning Daylight

6. Prophetic Ramblings

7. On the Trail of Lewis Medlock

8. Traitor

9. Decaying from Within

10. 11th Hour




Peter – Bass/Vocals

Henry – Guitars/Vocals

Edward – Drums/Percussion



Rating 8 out of 10

~Alaric Barca


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