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From the Ashes

3 Track E.P

Released Sunday 24th May 2015

XVII – Kidderminster UK




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Genre: Metal


“We supported ‘The Defiled’ at the Slade rooms in Wolverhampton on the 21st of May 2013. Kerrang! Had this to say about us: “The centre of the room breaks into a pit as the last support steps up to the mic. XVII are heavy, fast and full on. As they finish the first song of their set, the crowd chant their name, demanding more. The band power through a confident set with dual vocals and deliciously heavy riffs. They slow it down with the song ‘Dream’, before finishing the set by all wind-milling in time with each other on the final song. Remember where you heard the name.”

XVII band

With Rhys Cullis, Vaughan Voz Bennett, Matthew Sewell, Ben Dunn and Kieran Fox

XVII, who bring the metal-core and with it the first pitting of the night. This Black Country five-some go down a storm with those gathered in front of the stage. And, with hair and riffs flying about in all directions, it’s easy to see why – top work lads – Secondcitymetal.com!”


Kidderminster metallers XVII have really kicked up some attention with the release of their new E.P “From the Ashes” and are now set to play Bloodstock in 2015!

The first track on this blistering E.P also entitled “From the Ashes” has a real heavy primal lust attached to its flanks of steel with full on vocal attack and has exciting temptation carved within its bones! The beats are feisty while the guitars tease and taunt with a persistent creative tendency. Vocally it offers clean but also interesting ferocious aggression.


“You will find yourself pressing the repeat button to lock yourself once more into XVII’s world and drinking in the atmosphere created by this well-oiled machine!”


The second track “In the eyes of fire” is mesmerizingly flawless and mirrors an incredible flexibility. It greedily stabs with venomous biting teeth while still holding a paralyzing rhythm that is enticing. It broods with emotive aggression and comes with a barrage of notes that will send you into next week! The use of backing vocals really gives it a superb edge.

“Dream” explores an eerie ambiance that showcases the bands unique and diverse abilities. Its landscapes are rich in melodic thumps of engaging appeal. It has plenty of agitation and allows the listener to get fully engrossed before bombarding the aural with a metal all round dramatic essence. The metal core influences are loud, proud and seducing, while the momentum drastically increases before returning to its dream-like state.


I can see why XVII are sending out ripples of interest as the ravishing tracks follow on from each other and leave their mark. The whole E.P has so much to offer from melodic charm on a grand scale to infectious guitar, solid bass hooks and vocal onslaught that is bound to get the blood racing.

You will find yourself pressing the repeat button to lock yourself once more into XVII’s world and drinking in the atmosphere created by this well-oiled machine.

The band have this deep hunger to whet the appetite with their outstanding roars of Metal that turns into an epic drama, with their impeccably raw and undiluted orbit expanding as the intensity increases.

Bloodstock better watch out as these five musicians take to the stage! There is no going back now!


Track List:

From the Ashes

In the eyes of fire



Vaughan Bennett – Vocals

Matt Sewell – Guitar/Backing Vocals

Rhys Cullis – Guitar

Kieran Fox – Bass

Ben Dunn – Drums

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