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Xpulsion - Hunted

I can not put my finger on it as to why but when I listened to this song demo, my first reaction was not this is a thrash band. Towards the end of Intent to Kill it does get a bit thrashy for a bit. The vocals have a more Black Metal feel that borders on Thrash, like early Exodus, but does not totally cross over for me. I do however like the vocals. The guitars never go for the crazy tremolos chords but the tin like tones give it a sort of crossover feel. This is a good two song demo. The rough but distinct production has a good sound if you are a demo enthusiast.


I look forward to hearing their first album, which they are currently working on.




1. Hunted

2. Intent To Kill







Nicolas MacDuffee – Bass/Vocals

Sean Mutlu – Guitars

Spencer Landon – Drums



Rating: 7 out of 10

~Alaric Barca


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