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In 2012, Xyklen began interested to create a band which would only do Death and Black Metal, but failed to find band-mates as it was hard to find people interested in extreme genre’s in Bangladesh, and the ones who were found, were already in various bands or didn’t wanted to be a part of one, so Xyklen chose the tough path and began making and recording everything all on his own ever since. In July 2013, Xarkrinur was created, the name is created by Xyklen, which means World of Darkness, and Xyklen means The Lurker of the World of Darkness. But Xarkrinur ended on August due to lack of motivation. But then on October, Xyklen understood the pride of a one man metal band, and restarted the project in November and created the demo but it was without vocals at that time, and released it on Reverbnation. But in the following year, that demo was destroyed but it was remastered with vocals and was released on Bandcamp as “Demo’14” and Depressive Illusions Records accepted the demo and it was released as CDR print, and since then, Xarkrinur’s path to draw darkness upon every soul in this unfortunate world began.

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