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Wulfheim was created in late 2008 as one-man band by the result of the dissolution of other bands to create something entirely personal and without any restrictions based solely on the own ideas and influences of the only member of the project.



In 2009 the first album “De Profundis” was recorded and at the end of the year started the recording the second album “Crowland” edited in 2010.



In 2011 was recorded the single “Hvarfheim”.
Currently I´m recording right now the new Cd that will be entitled “Al Svart”.


Members: Wulfheim,all instruments and Vocals.
The influences are Bathory (old), Dark Funeral, Marduk, Gorgoroth, Beherit …


Contact and Info:
www.myspace.com / wulfheim
Mail: wulfheim_666@hotmail.com

Wulfheim- HvarfheimWulfheim - Alsvart

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