Wreak Review


The Pursuit Of Peace Through Excessive Violence”



My first time listening to this band and I did like certain aspects of the recording. WREAK has elements of old school hardcore, punk, and some newer metal sounds. They seem to try and get all the influences in each song taking the listener on a never knowing where the song is going type of journey. The overall mix of this production is not bad, there are some areas where the drums lag a little and a few spots where the vocals could come down a bit. Overall its a solid production and shows what this band has to offer.




1. Unstoppable Inner Will

2. Zealots

3. The Impossible Task Of Getting Along With Everyone

4. The Great & Mighty

5. Pissants In The Rat Race

6. A Sucker Is Born








Aaron Weisensee – Guitar

Pat Woods – Vocals

Bill Pincins – Lead Guitar

Rob Cinami – Drums

Derek Malone – Bass



Rating: 7 out of 10


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