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Woodwall - WoodEmpire

Woodwall is a very interesting, often provocative band from Tuscany, Italy. The band debut release, the full-length WoodEmpire is an intriguing concoction of progressive metal infused with” stoner” metal with a slight touch of groove metal thrown in as well; along with some psychedelic elements thrown in as well. The result is a fascinating display of artistic song writing that never becomes uninteresting and keeps itself surprisingly grounded and focused. Singer/guitarist Matteo Signanini does a fantastic job on guitar, equally so singing. His voice has a slight hint of industrial to it which helps add to the atmosphere that Woodwall create with their sound. Not afraid to let the songs linger, the songs on WoodEmpire are long and always tense. The band creates a very tense atmospheric shell in which these six songs occupy. This is not an album built for a mosh pit. This is an experience that should be blasted through headphones. The best example of what Woodwall can do has to be the over eleven minute song Walden. This song itself is a music journey from start to end constantly keeping you on the edge of your seat. There is a great sense of momentum with in this song and throughout the whole album. This is a relatively short record at thirty six minutes, but the non-stop emotional pressure the records puts on the listener makes the journey seem that much longer. You won’t want it to end. The same goes for the whole album. Just when you this the song is going to be predictable, it drifts where you were not expecting and drags you along for the ride. This album transcends “stoner” metal and becomes something far greater. WoodEmpire is a work of genius, simple as that.




1. WoodEmpire

2. Locrian

3. King Stuste

4. Red Toad

5. Walden

6. Holocene/Cambrian







Massimo Cornali – Bass

Pietro Groppi – Drums

Matteo Signanini – Guitars/Vocals



Rating: 9 out of 10


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