Woe Is the Accursed Earth Review

Woe Is the Accursed Earth

A Passion For the Dark”


 Woe Is the Accursed Earth is a Black/Doom bad which have been releasing music at a steady and prolific rate since 2015. In my hands and ears: ‘I have a passion for the Dark’, what I can see as reminiscent of Sworn to the dark. I am by no means comparing, but that’s the gist of it.


Let’s get out of the way the elephant in the room. While not the worst I’ve heard this year, the production is very underwhelming. Dynamics all over the place (sense that there is none), vocals muddled by the instrumentation and almost no bottom end to speak of. It had to be the potential to be subwoofer-smashing heavy but it isn’t.


Good thing that the production, as important as it is, is not everything, good music is important, and the music in this is actually good. Good flows and transitions which good guitar technique blended with competent drumming complemented with great organs. The clean vocals are good and well pronounced, and it is a release which has many ‘nodding’ moments. The doom aspect is certainly significant, I suppose the ‘coldness’ of black metal via the production is what makes it black/doom.


This is by far a good release, which is left me only bit disappointed due to its seemingly poor production. But I’ve heard it more than once and I warmed up to it fairly well. Which in turn is why I would recommend anyone with a functioning cassette player to get a hold on this release as it it on cassette only unless mistaken or they put it on other mediums.




1. A Passion for The Dark

2. A False Belief Created By Hallucination

3. Interprets Life Once

4. All The Darkness In My Soul

5. After the Scars Part I







Tom Jervis – All instruments

W. Satanic Tony – Guitars/Vocals



Rating: 6.5 out of 10




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