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Winterhearth (next album) PENTECOSTAL-Prototype

Winterhearth are a Black Metal band from the demonic shores of St. John’s, Canada. It was formed in 2008 by High School students Andrew Marsh and Robbie Butler. The goal was to make the evilest band to exist in Newfoundland and Labrador hailing influences from the likes of Mayhem, Dissection and Immortal and having the guitar riff intensity of bands like Megadeth, Testament, Annihilator and Morbid Angel. Being from an island that’s dominated by Traditional Irish/Celtic music or Hard Rock cover bands the two adolescents had quite the obstacle to find a drummer capable for the job. After many years of struggling to find a drummer who shared the same philosophy, they finally found drummer Michael Small originally from Central Newfoundland in the town of Bay Verte. Now having a full lineup the band quickly got prepared and on Valentines Day, 2013 Winterhearth played their debut show. The trio since then hasn’t stopped from being booked non stop and over the summer they recorded their soon to be upcoming released EP “Speak No Evil”. The band is showing no signs of slowing down and are refusing to compromise to the likes of the local Traditional music scene who doesn’t understand the whole culture that is Extreme Metal. You can find what Winterhearth are up to at



Winterhearth is:

Andrew Marsh – Rhythm/Lead Guitar and Vocals

Robbie Butler – Bass and Backing Vocals

Michael Small – Drums and Percussion


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