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Wilt is an Atmospheric Black Metal Band from Winnipeg Canada. The band is a full member band. They are on the label called Bindrune Recordings. They have release two albums and EP and a Full length. This album I have now is their EP from 2012.


This EP which is Self titled “Wilt” gives a great atmospheric sound in which you can just loose yourself in, there is only one downfall to this album and that is it is only 4 songs. The vocals are a very low sounding and not your high pitch screamy which is awesome for this album. The guitar sounds are smooth and not too loud or overpowering as well. The base guitar fits very well with the guitar sounds and not too boomy sounding. The drum beat is nice and soothing sound not too over done. I think that Cold Misfortune would definitely be my favorite track on this album. I cannot wait to hear their full length which looks like was released in 2015. Keep up the great work.




1. Autumn Veil

2. Cold Misfortune

3. Empyrean

4. Pale Consternation







Brett Goodchild – All Instruments

Jordan Dorge – Vocals

Blair Garraway – Drums

Jay Edwards – Guitars



Rating: 10 out 10


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