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Warknife - Amorphous

Warknife hail from Italy and they basically play the Meshuggah-influenced style that most modern Metal bands also use. Now, that can either be interpreted as a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your musical tastes. While Warknife do have talent and instrumental prowess which they certainly use in Amorphous, the album ends up sounding like recycled ideas from other bands strung together. The vocals are of the Meshuggah school of singing in a monotone shout, with one or two sectiones where clean vocals are used. The music also carries the Meshuggah influence, though guitars are a little bit more melodic. Overall, if you enjoy most modern Metal bands, then you might enjoy one or two ideas here, but will find nothing new or groundbreaking. After a while the album starts becoming a little tedious as a result. The band has some good ideas here and there, like the middle section of “A Bleeding Sunset” with its clean guitars and interesting drum work. Also, “Behold Regression” has some nice ideas in between some of the annoying sing along sections.




1. Act I. Shapeless Birth

2. The Infected Enigma

3. A Bleeding Sunset

4. Behold Regression

5. A Veil Fragments

6. Act II. Shape Shifting

7. Hateseed

8. Ill Becomes Order

9. Shining Phoenix

10. F.A.I.L.







Marco Landolfo – Vocals
Simone Mele – Guitars
Daniele Gatto – Bass
Cesare Zuccaro – Drums



Rating: 4 out of 10


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