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Sic Semper Tyrannis”


Warhawk - Sic Semper Tyrannis

Hard to explain this one, it’s very heavy metal yet I cant help getting the grunge feeling to this one. Instruments very heavy metal, lyrics and vocals on the edge of being Heavy metal yet a bit of a punk rock feel to it as well. I listen to this one over and over again the more I listened the more it grew on me. I love the guillotine got me, but some great vocals there and the lyrics. Again very metal yet very punk at the same time. These guys are what you call a versatile band, if you are not only into Metal but also punk/grunge etc.. you are going to love this album. Nothing to heavy but great all the same, yet so simple at the same time, yet a great fast pace. I couldn’t help thinking of Iron Maiden cross Misfits cross Sex Pistols just speed up! You don’t come across much music like this these days I can say although it was not something I am right into. I would love to hear more from these guys was hard for me to get into, but I still enjoyed it. I would have to say my music preferences aside, i would give these guys a 7/10. And could only imagine they will grow from here. Keep it up \m/ \m/




1. Hungry are the Damned

2. Vengeance

3. Unholy Martyr

4. Outbreak

5. I Love the Guillotine

6. Projected Aggression

7. Beware the Crooked Cop

8. The Chalice in the Square

9. The Summoning/Litany of Woes







Eric Provenza – Vocals/Guitars (Piano on “The Summoning)

Michael Savel – Guitars

Eric Tyler – Bass

John Savel – Drums



Rating: 7 out of 10

~Adam Morrey

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