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Enjoy the Filth”


WAN - Enjoy the Filth

The Swedish black metal resurgence is in full force. The surge of incredible black metal from Sweden started with Bathory in the 80’s and has been furthered along by great bands like Watain and Cursed 13. Now WAN is here to put their own creative spin on the Swedish black metal formula. The result is this Swedish black metal band’s second full-length album, 2013’s “Enjoy the Filth.” This is an intensely enjoyable black metal album that takes a few steps away from the black metal norm. And as a result, this is a powerful black metal album that succeeds. This vicious three-piece band has crafted a record full of thick atmosphere and dynamic musicianship. It takes slight steps away from the standard black metal formula and becomes something altogether stronger than “just another” black metal album. This is an album made up of thirteen short songs. Each one tells us a slightly story. It absolutely never sounds like the same song over and over, but it keeps the same tone throughout. There is a dark feeling throughout, but each song adds to the darkness and builds this journey in the process. There is an uneasy feeling that this album creates as it plays on. Only two of the thirteen songs that make up Enjoy the Filth stretch past the three-minute mark. What you have is a collection of songs that get in, further along the record and get out. No time is wasted. Nothing lingers. You really get the sense that WAN is in total control of you as you listen. You are slave to their will, and they are taking you on a voyage. Enjoy the ride and Enjoy the Filth.




1. Day of Reckoning

2. Pentagram Rockers

3. Swing the Hammer

4. Ni skall do

5. Helvite

6.Pagan Metal Damnation

7. The Charger

8. Northern Brothers

9. Enjoy the Filth

10. Djevelsang

11. Trollmor

12. Belial

13. Burn







Tsjud – Vocals
Aganaroth – Guitars
Isengrim – Bass
Draup – Drums



Rating: 9.5 out of 10


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