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Vuyvr - Eiskalt

Switzerland has once again made a contribution to the world of black metal. One of the genres founding fathers, Hell Hammer, hailed from Switzerland and set the bar high for any band that follows. The Swiss black metal band Vuyvr has accepted the challenge. Breaking into the black metal community these days is no easy task. Trying to fit in while standing out is a precarious balancing act that most bands can’t seem to make happen. Vuyvr is certainly up to the task and the bands debut album, 2013’s “Eiskalt” is a viciously familiar assault and a great start for this band. Musically, “Eiskalt” sticks to what it does best. It delivers a furious dose of razor sharp trebly guitar riffs and blazing fast blast beats. Singer/guitarist Michael Schindl gives a great raspy-throated performance with a slightly deeper pitch that most of his contemporaries. Perhaps a tad familiar, “Eiskalt” is not quite an earth shattering experience, but it is close. There is no doubt that Vuyvr is most certainly a professional group of solid musicians. This album has been very well recorded and mixed. Everything is just right and nothing gets overlooked. Though mostly blazing fast, the band can slow things down a bit from time to time. I would have loved a bit more variety to help with the pace of the record. Although Vuyvr does fast tempo blast beats with great precision, there are moments where the band slows things down and adds the emotion that is needed to really capture the necessary feeling that black metal thrives on. Sadly, these moments are few and far between. But that is not to say that “Eiskalt” is not a great record in its own right. It does what it does very well and I feel this band can really grow into something special. This is a great start and I hope for big things from Vuyvr in the future.




1. Hoch

2. Betrayers of the North

3. War of 100000 Centuries

4. Disfigured by Hatred

5. Idolatry

6. Slaves

7. Dead Trees Are Wandering at Night

8. Weapons Made for Grace

9. The Wyvern




JD – Bass

RM – Drums

DA – Guitars

MS – Guitars/Vocals



Rating: 8 out of 10


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