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Vulgate is an interesting thrash metal band hailing to us from the UK. Perhaps taking the name from the late 4th century translation of the bible. The band’s 2013 EP, also titled Vulgate, is flowing, moving collection of five thrash metal songs that are held back by sub par death metal style singing that detracts from the experience as a whole. Musically, Vulgate shines with varied speeds and the ability to jump musical direction at any moment. Five songs in total give us two great somber instrumental tracks and three songs where Vulgate really shows off their strength as players and songwriters. But with all the variety and inspired strength, the uninspired singing holds the EP back. There is a clash here. When you combine strong playing and great song writing with mediocre singing you are left with an EP that is brilliant in the moment but leaves you wanting more. As soon as the song The Sickening Fanatical Mind, the razor sharp strumming and high production values impressed me. But as soon as singer/bass player Will Brown opens his mouth and the mediocre, one note approach to his singing hit my speakers the EP was dragged down. The best moments on this self-titled EP are the moments where he puts down the vocal mic and lets the songs speak for themselves. A good EP, but Vulgate has what it takes to be great.




1. Transparence

2. The Sickening Fanatical Mind

3. Light in the Sky

4. Waves

5. Waters of Judgement




Ben Taylor – Guitars/Backing Vocals

Will Brown – Vocals/Bass

Owen Fowler – Drums

Dan Weir – Guitars



Rating: 7.5 out of 10


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