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Vreid - Welcome Farewell

Vreid is a professional black metal band hailing from Norway. In the nearly ten years this band has been active they have put out six full-length albums, each one have been a brilliant glimpse into the bands purpose as a devastatingly awesome black metal band. Welcome Farewell is the group’s 2013 full-length release, and it is a fantastically poignant album of pure Norwegian classic, traditional, primal black metal. Vreid has opted not to insert different musical elements into their sound and they just keep it a visceral collection of metal songs that proves Vreid are among the very best in this genre at keeping with the standard black metal sound and setting out to perfect it. Sture Dingsoyr on vocals is a perfect black metal vocalist. He has a raspy mid-range delivery and he can be understood as he sings very well. Strom on guitar is every bit Dingsoyr’s equal. His riffs are very musical when he plays. He can be a little tricky with his riffs and they are always creative and unique. And he can slow things down and mire the song in heavy emotion with his playing. Whether fast or mid tempo, this band maintains it’s musical integrity throughout and never dissolves into the mindless fast shredding that so many of their peers do. Some songs. Like Way Of The Serpent has that fast tempo blast beat sound that the band pulls off extremely well and with great precision. Strom even throws in some fast, tricky leads that punctuate his abilities as a brilliant guitarist. And other songs, like Black Waves show off this bands creative song writing abilities, all while staying within the limits of black metal; trying to push the limits as far as they will go. The atmosphere is here on this album but slightly downplayed for the benefit of the music. This is more of a musical journey; it doesn’t rely on the typical heavy black metal atmosphere to succeed. That being said, the dark mood is here, it is just not the focus. The record does have its moments that toy with your emotions as the listener, and it is all thanks to Strom’s magical guitar work. Every riff and lead that he plays is deep and meaningful. Honestly, I could just keep going on about how amazing this album is, but I will stop here. If you are a fan of black metal get this record. Like, right now. Drop whatever you are doing and go find it. If you have never had the pleasure of experiencing Vreid you are in for a treat. Black metal does not get much better than Welcome Farewell.




1. The Ramble

2. Way of the Serpent

3. The Devil’s Hand

4. Welcome Farewell

5. The Reap

6. Sights of Old

7. Black Waves

8. At the Brook








Hvall – Bass

Steingrim – Drums

Sture Dingsoyr – Vocals/Guitars

Strom – Guitars



Rating: 9.5 out of 10


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