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The extreme-metal band Vredehammer resides in the cold, icy depths of northern Norway and was founded by Per Valla in March 2009 after leaving his previous band “Elite”.

In April 2010 Per Valla released his debut EP called “4.September” through “Obscure Abhorrence Productions” which made a good first impression on the critics, receiving only good reviews around the world. Among others Legacy and Scream magazine.

The debut release won the band a spot on legacy magazines compilation CD with bands like Keep of Kalessin and Exodus. Also, several radio plays on different stations worldwide.

One year after the debut, the band released their second EP “Pans Skygge” which was more of an experimental approach to extreme metal. The band received great reviews on this release also, but due to a struggling label (same label)at the time, the release did not get the attention it might have deserved. Chris Lind from Elite did the bass on this release.

The band is now ready to release their third EP “Mintaka”, this time with a new member, bass player Kristoffer Hansen. The release is set to early March 2013.

Also, right after recording “Mintaka” the band found their third and final member: Cato Skivik, a great drummer known from bands like Allfader and Enslavement of beauty (session drummer).

The band is now preparing to do live shows and have started working on their first full-length album. Vredehammer “Mintaka”-review SCREAM MAGAZINE

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The mastermind Per Valla is at it again, and that’s a good thing. Another EP is ready to hit the masses , and extreme metal-listeners should be aware. Once again I am impressed by this mans ground solid work and exquisite taste. “Mintaka” is technically flawless og composer Valla has evolved as a songwriter since we last heard from him. The compositions have a more personal feel to them, giving depth to the listening-experience. The riffs are razor sharp and the wall of blast-beats suits the sound image perfectly.

“The King Has Risen” appears as a monster-composition, captivating the listener in an iron grip from beginning to end. “Høster Av Sjeler” is just as good, and on this one the goosebumps reach a new level. To yours truly this one reaches it’s high point when the “Immortal-ish” clean guitar appears at the end of the song.

Vredehammer has finally become a full band, and this equals live shows! Again, the man himself plays most of the instruments, except for the bass which is handled by Kristoffer Hansen. Dead points are basically non-existent on this release. The structural foundation is more or less the same as before compared to the somewhat experimental predecessor “Pans Skygge”. 

Once again the production is excellent and suits the music perfectly. The title track “Mintaka” is magnificent and offers a great pace with hammering blast-beats. “Ditt Siste Aandedrag” is one of the best songs I’ve heard from a Norwegian band in a long time! The guitar melodies, the intensity and diversity in this composition is out of this world. Additionally the leading melody creates a distinctive eerie mood.

The expressive vocals are one of the things I like most about Vredehammer. The lyrics are conveyed clearly, creating close contact with the listener. Personally I prefer the Norwegian lyrics. Once again the fun ends too soon. Dude, where is the full-length album we’re waiting for?!

Strangely enough this band still hasn’t been hauled in by one of the major metal labels out there. have the labels turned deaf, lazy or just plain stupid? -I’m just asking!
-Stig Ødegaard-


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