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Vore - Gravehammer

American death metal band Vore has been around since 1994. In the last twenty years the death metal genre has seen little in the way of change. Sure, production has gotten better and musicianship has evolved, but death metal at its core has not changed too much. What defines death metal? Usually drop tuned guitar and bass. Fast and vicious double bass drumming. And a singer that sounds like a zombie bear that has just crawled out of it’s grave and is trying to cough the maggots out of its throat. Since death metals birth, several bands have shinned forth to become pioneers of the genre, bands like Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse. But, we are here to talk about Vore. Gravehammer is the third full-length album the band has released since they formed. I got the impression that Vore was not trying to turn the death metal world upside-down, nor were trying to be more than they are. It sounds to me like they set out writing Gravehammer trying to perfect the genre. The may not have perfected it, but they have made a really good album here. This record is a throw back to when brutal death metal was more about getting into a mosh pit. There are no crazy technical time changes or erratic, unnecessary playing. What you get is a record that stays within its limits and works well to add enough creativity to make each song stand out. Page Townsley is on guitar and vocals. He is a phenomenal death metal vocalist. His delivery is deep, fierce, and commanding. Musically, this three-piece band nails it too. Some of these songs are pretty long and each one contains just enough in the way of small changes and headbanging grooves to keep the music from becoming boring. Gravehammer is a good album. It is not the best I have ever heard. You will not feel the need to get rid of all of your other death metal albums. But, this album is sure to please any fans of death metal.




1. The Cruelist Construct

2. The Unseen Hand

3. Doomwhore

4. Uroboros

5. Gravehammer

6. The Claw Is the Law

7. Progeny of the Leviathans

8. Throne to the Wolves

9. Sacerdotum Tyrannis








Page Townsley – Guitars/Vocals
Remy Cameron – Drums
Jeremy “Skullcrusher” Partin – Bass/Vocals



Rating: 8 out of 10


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