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Damnatio Sacrorum”


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Hailing from Italy we have Voltumna, who have given us an interesting mix of Blackened Death metal with the more emphasis on the death part.


They incorporate some keyboards in their songs but really they are kept to a minimum and the guitars are really the main focus for this band.


Opening song ” Soul Of The Acheronte ” was probably a poor choice for an album starter and in my opinion is the weakest song on the album , there is some Death/Grave worship going on in the opening riffs but it just doesn’t feel like your about to get an ass kicking , its the next track ” Lord Of Mayhem” which really sets the tone for the rest of the album and totally delivers in its ferociousness and brutality. Thereafter the album goes into full swing with more traditional riffing ( Death/Grave as mentioned before but with some Dimmu Borgir/COF style riffing incorporated for good measure ), solid pummeling drumming and really well done layered vocals which really do impress. 


Stand out tracks are ” Lord Of Mayhem “, ” Suffocated ” and ” Bloody Priestess “. 


A very solid effort and worth checking out, recommended for fans of Behemoth, COF and Dimmu Borgir.




1. Soul On The Acheronte

2. Lord Of Mayhem

3. Aruspice

4. Damnatio Sacrorum

5. Suffocated

6. Waiting For The Dawn

7. Epitaph For My Sins

8. Deus Ex Machina

9. Bloody Priestess

10. Progeny Of The Snake









Simone S. – Vocals

Michele V. – Guitars

 Bruno F. – Drums

 Giovanni T. – Bass



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

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