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Visions Of The Night
“Nocturnal Militia”

Visions Of The Night - Nocturnal Militia

Visions of the Night is a brutal Death Metal band from Canada. This is a 12 track CD titled “Nocturnal Militia”. I love the way their opening track “Eve of War” you hear guns loading. Then the 2nd track gets right into their music with their brutal vocals and blasting drumming. This is definitely a great band to check out. Certain tracks to check out are: Eternally Victimized, Human Failure and Storm the Capital. I hope that they coming out with a new CD soon as well.



1. Intro: Eve of War

2. Supreme Militarism

3. Human Failure

4. Adjust, Adapt, Overcome

5. Transcendence of the Physical Plane

6. Violence Solves Everything

7. Eternally Self-Victimized

8. !Total Victory!

9. Resurrection of Honour

10. Cthonian Encroachment

11. Replicated Existence

12. Storm the Capital



Wolveblood – Guitars/Vocals/Keyboards

Nebulus Armagedda – Bass/Backing Vocals

Necrotic Despoiler – Guitars

Blastphemous – Drums


Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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