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A storm is brewing across the nations…

It has taken the form of a Violent Revolution.



Based out of Phoenix Arizona, Violent Revolution is a Crossover Thrash band combining the best of 1980’s style thrash, punk and crossover metal. Formed in December 2014 by bassist/vocalist George Robb (Agent Steel, Detente, L.S.N., Obscene Gesture), drummer John Gilleland, vocalist Lane Wakeman, guitarists David Rios and Don Funk, they decided that they had heard enough of the “New Metal” nonsense and needed an infusion of the old school crunch that has been missing in today’s scene. Today’s new metal-heads need something new… it’s time for a revolution!!!



Influenced by bands like S.O.D., Exodus, DRI, Slayer and The Exploited, Violent Revolution has take a fresh look at old school.



A new four song demo “Damaged Society” is available now. Tour dates will be coming soon. A subsequent album in tentatively scheduled for recording in the beginning of 2016.



George “Geo” Robb:

George is an old school throwback from the 1980’s L.A. Metal scene. Originally from Philadelphia, he migrated to California in the early 80’s and was a founding member of the speed metal band Agent Steel. In 1986 he formed the thrash band L.S.N. and also spent time in Detente and other various punk/crossover bands. In 2007 he was part of the crossover band Obscene Gesture. Now residing in Phoenix, AZ where he continues the fight to bring crossover to a new generation.


John Gilleland:

John is born and raised in the Phoenix,AZ area and has played locally there for the past 30 years. He’s an old school style drummer with influenced in Punk, Death, Experimental and Progressive Metal. Some of his projects include: Eroticide, Second Skin, Mighty Sphincter and Mizery. John has a lot built and played his own custom drums.


David Rios:

A native of Brooklyn, NY, David has been playing guitar since 1987. He has a BA in music theory and has extensive experience in many styles of music. He moved to Phoenix in 2014 and has been in bands such as Rip the System, Synesthesia Battery and Trigger Happy Nancies.


Don Funk:

A native of Ashland, Ohio, Don moved to Phoenix 3 years ago and never looked back. A veteran guitar player with over 20 years experience. Some of Don’s main influences are Slayer, Anthrax, Crowbar, Prong, Pantera and old Corrosion of Conformity.


Lane Wakeman:

Lane has been playing in bands since he was 15 years old. Originally from Michigan, he relocated to the Phoenix area in 2014. Besides vocals, Lane has played guitar and bass in former bands secretion, Angry Hands, and Sackcloth & Ashes. Some of Lane’s main influences are Exodus, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, S.O.D., Death and Obituary.


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