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Vex - Memorious

Quite an astounding little gem here that fell into my lap a few days ago and I have given this a few listens and its not left my stereo since.


Vex hail from San Marcos, Texas and play a really cool blend of Melodic Death Metal / Melodic Black Metal with the emphasis I would say is more of the latter.


The musicianship is top notch as is the production, the vocals fall into the Dark Tranquility style but with a bit more venom and bite, there is some more growly moments in there too which add a nice little extra dimension to proceedings.


Opener ” Terra Soar ” is a Dark Tranquility (The Gallery) / Amon Amarth (think Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds era) style romp with a very ferocious delivery and melodic hooks aplenty.


The rest of the album flows beautifully and tracks such as ” Spectral Nation” gives way to some tastefully done clean vocals ala Woods of Ypres which really do sound petty awesome and fits well with the music.


Definitely seek this out if you are a fan of the aforementioned bands, this really is a great album to submerge yourself into. Excellent stuff, looking forward to hearing more from these Texans.




1. Terra Soar

2. Carve My Eyes

3. Astride a Grave

4. No Such Thing

5. Spectral Nation

6. Away from the Sun

7. Wasteland (How Long Ago …)

8. Solace in Sleep

9. Those Days Are Gone

10. A Drinking Song




Michael Day (guitar)

Joe Jackson (vocals)

Ciaran McCloskey (guitar)

Eoghan McCloskey (drums)

Joel Miller (bass)



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

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