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Vergine Stuprata - Jungfernkuss

I love Black Thrash, really I do and I think its the simplicity of the riffs and the nastiness behind the vocals which do it for me and this Italian duo have their craft pretty much perfected.


This kind of reminded me of old Impaled Nazarene circa ” Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz ” as far as the guitar riffs went with the odd old Slayer riff thrown in for good measure (seriously this works) but the vocals are more of your standard affair ala Aura Noir which sound great amidst the dirty production, and by this I do not mean Lo fi or that anything is inaudible as you can clearly hear the bass guitar and the kick drums perfectly.


Stand out track for me was the title track ” Jungfernkuss”, the opening riffs just melt your face and are played with such conviction it reminds you just how good this genre can be.


I will the say the artwork leaves a lot to be desired though and I can’t help but raise a smile when i see band members names such as Satan Panzer and Sepulchural Vomit, you don’t need to have Kvlt names to be Kvlt you know, look at Jontho from his days in Ragnrok…just saying.


Totally loved this and it will be replayed for a long time indeed, another good album in the Black Thrash genre, recommended.




1. Eterno Olocausto

2. Demoniac Possession

3. Total Desecration

4. Poltergeist

5. Rape! Rape! Rape!

6. Jungfernkuss

7. Blitz Krieg




Sepulchral Vomit-voice and bass


Satan Panzer-drums



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

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