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Dark Forces”


First of Valpurga is Italian for the great night of Walpurgis. So badassery right of the bat. Now a question? Were you like me and had no idea that Cerebral Bore’s singer was a female the first time you heard them? Then you see this dainty cutie pie delivering vocals that could cuckold the average male Death Metal vocalist. Ruby Black is another great female vocalist with a totally demonic rasp in her style…. I love to read a bio after I listen and see if it affects my opinion. It is always a boon, I have yet to read a bio after and not had it help or enhance. That is if I don’t already listen to the band. 


This is a three song EP and it appears they have not yet released a full album yet. The songs are straightforward and listenable with Black Metal elements of tremolo picking and melody with the occasional thrash rhythm. It is the kind of EP you can listen to again after hearing. The 3 tracks make you want more. Ruby’s vocals, especially over the ambient sounds in Thine Abyss are hostile and awesome. I put this in the RECOMMEND category.




1. Into Perdition
2. Beyond The Shade Of The Veil
3. Thine Abyss (A Serpentine Requiem)



Ader Black – Guitars
Souldead – Drums
Ruby Black – Vocals
SrK – Bass



Rating 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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