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Here The Day Comes”


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You don’t see a whole lot of concept albums in the black metal genre, so when you do come across one, you know you are in for something special. The 2012 full-length album Here Comes The Day by Italian black metal band Valkiria is a hauntingly moving collection of somber songs. Each one is titled as a different part of the day, as the album name suggests. Valkiria have succeeded in creating a record that is heavy, deep, and though provoking. This is not an album made for the mosh pit. This is a very unique experience that is profoundly well constructed. The way the album slowly builds is a thing of beauty. Starting at Dawn it goes through the day, resting on the final song. Night. These are long songs that are thick with heavy atmosphere. Don’t expect the traditional black metal shredding fast speed. This is a different kind of black metal. I would almost call this progressive black metal. The way it moves, changes, and builds more closely resembles progressive metal. But the way it cuts images in your thoughts as you listen to it is something distinctive that only high quality black metal can do. Valkiria have tried something non-traditional with Here Comes The Day and they pulled it off flawlessly. If you only came to headbang, you might get bored, but if you appreciate how black metal can be beautiful art created by masters, Here Comes The Day is an astonishingly poignant way to pass through a day.




1. Dawn

2. Sunrise

3. Morning

4. Afternoon

5. Sunset

6. Evening

7. Night




Valkus – All instruments/Vocals

Mike – Guitars



Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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