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1996: Valkus created Valkiria, after having played in numerous bands, he decided that Valkiria should be a solo project, with the occasional addition of sessions.



1997: the first demo tape “The narrow bed”. Valkus played all the instruments except drum machine performed by Walter Basile and backing vocals by Cabal dark moon. However, shortly after this release Valkiria suspended all activities. The main problem was the lack of a drummer. Walter had lost interest in playing extreme Metal, ceased all cooperation with all the bands including Valkiria.



2000: Valkus founded a dark gothic band: 41Chains. Under this moniker were realized three demo tapes. This experience had some significant implications for the future sound of Valkiria. Also at that time, Valkus started to learned the basic techniques of digital recording. The first step in order to create his own home studio.



2001: the realization of an official website was the first sign of recovery activities for the Valkiria project.  The four songs on the demo were downloadable, a window was opening around the wall that surrounded the project five years after its creation.



2002: Valkiria home recording studio, only a computer with a dgstomp, but is just the beginning, later in the years the studio has been enhanced with a new and more professional equipment.



2003: Valkus began to write Velmhar. Velmhar is an imaginary world where people of different races are often in conflict, because of religious issues. The Velmhar’s tales has never been completed but were an inspiration to compose new music.



2004: “Thur kuarankharn sthorn” is the second demo released after eight years the starting point were the numerous riffs recorded at the time of the first demo. The sound is much more elaborate and refined, and the primordial riffs were often only a starting point for a new song.. The Black Metal of the origin is still listenable in this new compositions but there’s much more keyboards and epic pathos. The language used in the lyrics is “dekalurian”, Dekalur is one of the most important lands of Velmhar.



2005: Quirino (sinth) joined the band to record “Epika”, the first full length, a continuation of the previous work. The first three songs are still feeling strongly recalls of the earlier work but the subsequent tracks introduce a new and personal sound. Epika is the first album even though it has never been printed in material CD as the others, but was the first work which had a significant spread on the internet, thanks to Emule software has been downloaded and shared by thousands of fans.



2006: time of  collaborations: Mancan joins the band as a singer while Valkus as guitarist joined  Ecnephias (mancan’s band). At this point and after the unexpected success of epika Valkus went back to work immediately on the new album, the intention was to finish it before moving from his hometown and to avoid getting a thousand kilometers away from Valkiria studio, the company was difficult but succeeded. The new line up was: Mancan as clean and growl vocals and Valkus all the instruments and screaming vocals.



2007: July: the “Of dreams and pain”album. at that time Valkus decides to stop singing, the decision was due to the fact that he believed his voice had become no longer suitable, due to lack of training, so screaming vocals were performed by Cabal, already backing vocals in the first demo.



2008: Valkus started working on “Upon this earth”. In December were realized a promo version with four songs.



2009: Upon this earth album in a complete version, was out in May 2009, with the same cover, but with a new logo. At this point, Mancan decided to leave Valkiria, to focus mostly on his music projects. Part of the new songs were ready, the new sound allow the use of screaming again, the melodic voice does not fit into it so Mancan was not replaced.



2010: Mike as guitarist and Giuseppe Orlando (November) as guest drummer joined the band, in order to record the 5th full length “Here the day comes”.



2011: Here the day comes, recorded at Outersound studio and mastered at Fascination Street, at the end of the year, Valkiria signed a deal with Bakerteam record, the album came out in April 2012.

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