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Unholy Archangel formed back in 1996 by Iapetos and Agisilaos. The first release was Unholy Archangel self titled demo 1997 with drum machine. In the second demo 1998 Archgoat Incantation Parmenion join the band to play the drums, but soon after left the band. In 2000 Hyperion and Ksenofon join the band, and the band release the 7” EP Blessed By Aris. The third demo come in 2001 with Lust and Kult by the label of Impaler The Trendies comes out in very few copies since fucked up Mad Max commit suicide. 2002 is the year that the band release a Cult now Split in only 500 copies with Thornspawn under the Italian Hellflame Productions. 2003 was the year for The Wrath of Kosmosiris 10 EP under The Fudge Worthy Records. That was the last release since Ksenofon left the band and many health problems ended with Hyperion death in 2008. Some other releases was The Wrath of Kosmositis in CD under Inner Hell The 3 demos on one CD under Iso666, in Goat Lim tape under In Coffin Prod. That has track from the three demos and the 7” EP. 2007 the band with Agisilaos playing both Bass and Guitar recorded a track Purity Through Cataclysm with Alexadros now in drums (Obsecration, In Utero Cannibalism…) November 2008 the band recording the New LP…. January the band has finished the new LP Obsessed By War.

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