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Swords of Midgard”


Ulvedharr - Swords of Midgard

Hailing from Italy we have Ulvedharr who play a blend of mid paced Scandinavian Death Metal with some tasty Thrash influences thrown in for good measure.


The riffage on hand here is a blend of Grave but not as crunchy in the guitar department and some Unleashed too, the bass is audible which I like because lets face it not everyone realizes that most bands do have a bass player…you can just never hear them . The vocals are growly enough (think of a more Unleashed flavor to them), there is some clean singing that pops up on songs and this is kept to a minimum.


I must admit though when I saw the logo I was hoping for some raging Black Metal but in fairness I was very surprised and quite content with what these Italians had to offer.


Standout tracks for me were ” Lindsfarne” and ” War is in the eyes of the Besreker” which show the Italians at their most versatile and savage. Great effort here, check out their latest effort too ” Ragnarok”, you won’t be disappointed.




1. Intro

2. Lindisfarne

3. Odin Father Never Die

4. War Is in the Eyes of Berserker

5. Onward to Valhalla

6. Beowulf & Grendel (Part 1)

7. Ymir Song

8. The Raven’s Flag

9. Haraldr hárfagri








Ark nattlig ulv – Vocals/Guitars

Fredreyk – Guitars

Mike – Drums

Markus Ener – Bass



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

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