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Ulcer - Grant Us Death

When this popped into my inbox I was quite happy to review this album because I had already bought this album when it was released last year.


For those not in the know, Ulcer hail from Poland and they play a wicked brand of Swedish Style Death Metal which showcases their influences which obviously are Entombed and Dismember judging from the guitar sound and the distorted bass guitar and the Matte Karki style vocals.


The riffs are just colossal, think Cladestine era Entombed and Like An Everflowing Stream era Dismember and you are pretty much there, only does the first track have some shouty style vocals which pop up but that’s all there is on the album, the rest is full of ungodly, vicious growls.


I have to admit I am a sucker for this stuff and when its done this well its hard to ignore, I mean this is up there if you love Fleshcrawl from Germany who also have that crushing guitar tone and savagery about them.


I felt totally submerged in 90’s nostalgia listening to this, and with this being their 2nd full length lets hope there is more of the same to come.


Highly recommended if you love your Death Metal of the Swedish persuasion.




1. Grant Us Death

2. Devilspeed

3. Bloodpainted Salvation

4. The Love Song

5. Godcremation

6. Thanatoeuphoria

7. Devitalized

8. The Pact

9. My Lord Has Horns

10. When Horror Comes







Szwed – Bass

Wizun – Drums

Mścisław – Guitars

LucaSS – Guitars

D.ssipline – Vocals

Angelfuck – Vocals



Rating: 9 out 10

~Death Metal Andy

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