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Turbocharged - Christ Zero

Turbocharged is a great thrash metal band coming to us from Sweden. This three piece has a strikingly familiar sound that makes it immediately apparent to the listener that Turbocharged know their chosen genre and perform with great precision. This band knows what they are doing when it comes to thrash, and this is shown very clear on their 2012 EP titled Christ Zero. This is a clever and creative collection of killer song and samples. The result is a great long EP with five terrific songs and six voice samples from varies sources that keep a grim feeling throughout. The songs themselves are driving, catchy, and well constructed. They stay within the boundaries of thrash, and contain head banging grooves, tight playing, and meaning. Every line that comes out of singer/bassist Ronnie Olson’s mouth is sung with a mighty wallop. He has a slightly deep harsh delivery hat touches on death metal but is not that deep or harsh. He has great dictation, power, and feeling. There is anger and hatred in his voice. Guitar player Old Nick is also great at adding bits of flair and feeling to his fast, sometimes tricky guitar riffs. Freddie Fister on drums is consistently in the pocket and complements each song well with his drumming. As for the songs themselves, each one has a vaguely different mood but they are all tremendous. The standout for me has to be G-Virus (Resident Evil??). Turbocharged is a great band and this is a great thrash metal EP. A breath of fresh air for me; I love thrash so it is nice to hear a band that does it so well. I hope they can build on this sound because this is one fantastic EP that should be appreciated by all who love thrash metal.




1. The Impression

2. Christ Zero

3. Holy Man

4. G-Virus

5. Campaign of Faith

6. In Heaven There Is No Hatred

7. The Awakening

8. The Atheist Impulse

9. Non Believer

10. G-Tox

11. Reflections







Ronnie Ripper – Bass/Lead Throat
Freddie Fister – Drums/Throat
Old Nick – Guitars



Rating: 8 out of 10


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