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From the Chronicles of Nemedia it is known, that in a dark and savage age, after the oceans drank Atlantis, the Hyborian World was a dangerous and dreadful place. Warriors walked the earth among evil wizards and abominable creatures. Sinister were the times, when untamed legions were led into battle by evil sorcerers. Hither came five heroes, barbarians, strong and dauntless. On their ongoing quest, they fought monsters, witchmasters and powerful demigods. If there was a treasure to steal, a village to raid or ghastly monstrosities to slay, they were there. Wherever the barbarians have appeared, the sky was filled with darkness and the earth drank the blood of their enemies. They have faced death not just once, side by side, sword by sword. The countless unforgotten deeds were extolled for decades. However, it still remains a mystery, how the brave warriors have gathered and why they have disappeared suddenly. As time went by, new kingdoms have arised and many empires have decayed. With them, also the legends of the five heroes sank into oblivion. Now they are back, stronger and grimmer than anytime before. Their blades are whetted and they are ready attack the world again!


By Crom!

We call you to arms!

Invoke our hidden power!

Grant us revenge!






The main concept behind the band was born and Tulsadoom was founded by Virgin Penetrator & Rick Thunder. First songs like “The Glory Of Thulsa Doom” and “Fuck the God of the Four Winds” were written.




Hairless Torturer (guitars) and Sergeant Hammergeil (drums) joined &

rehearsals began in Vienna. Later King Totolva joined as vocalist.




The first gigs were played. Sergeant Hammergeil was replaced by Doktharr

Radiovodnik on drums.

Most important gigs:

Vienna (A) w. Witchburner

Vienna (A) w. F.K.Ü.

Vienna (A) w. Gama Bomb




The debut album “Barbarian Steel” was recorded. The cult-underground label Witches Brew (Germany/USA, responsible for the first records of Toxic Holocaust & Gama Bomb) was going to release the album.

Most important gigs:

Vienna (A) w. Violator

Vienna (A) w. Bömbers




Shortly before the release of “Barbarian Steel”, Witches Brew broke up and Tulsadoom were forced to search for a new label to release the debut. Hairless Torturer left the band and was later replaced by Mandamus Dusk. In the end of the year, Tulsadoom signed Nihilistic Empire Records (D).

Most important gigs:

Vienna (A) w. Bömbers

Vienna (A) w. Sodom

Darkness over Paradise Open Air (A)

Northern Lights Open Air (A)




The debut album “Barbarian Steel” was finally released in spring 2012 through Nihilistic Empire Records.

Most important gigs:

Metalfest Open Air Austria (Mainstage) w. Blind Guardian, Megadeth


Castle Invasion Open Air (A) w. Destruction

Phantoms of Pilsen Festival (CZ) w. Negura Bunget

First Headliner Show in Vienna (A)




Mandamus Dusk left the band and was replaced on guitars by Skullcrusher Volkov. In autumn, Tulsadoom brewed for the first time the band own beer “Barbarian beer”. The bigger part of the second album “Storms of the Netherworld” was written in this year. A recension of “Barbarian Beer” by the Austrian Beer-pope Conrad Seidl can be found here:


Most important gigs:

Black Thrash Inferno (Vienna, A) w. Desaster & Witchburner

Czech Republic MiniTour (Praha & Brno)

Eine In Teich Open Air (A) w. Der Weg Einer Freiheit & Benighted

Runen der Nacht Festival (A) w. Obscurity

Darkmoon Festival (D) w. Rotting Christ

Vienna (A) w. Aura Noir

Phantoms of Pilsen Festival (CZ) w. Aura Noir, Endstille & Koldbrann




Recording of the second album “Storms of the Netherworld”. Appearance of Tulsadoom members as actors in the historical epos “Noricum”.

Most important gigs:

Zeche Carl, Essen (D): w. Witchburner, Darkness, Warhammer

Taunus Metal Festival (D): w. Witchburner, Steelpreacher, Iron Thor, Jutta Weinholf Band etc.

Rosenheim (D): Bavarian Battle Winter Festival w. Farsot, Waldgeflüster

First two headliner gigs in Germany: Bayreuth & Landau a.d. Isar

Kaltenbach Open Air (A) w. Sodom, Nargaroth, Nervecell etc.

Metal Embrace Festival (D) w. Fleshcrawl, Imperium Dekadenz, Witchburner, Hellish Crossfire etc.




Release of the second album “Storms of the Netherworld”. After the release concert of the new album, singer King Totolva left the band after seven years and was replaced by the merciless savage Sototh Dult. tulsadoom

Most important gigs:

Headliner Gigs in Passau(D), St.Pölten, Graz, etc. (A)

Headliner Alpine Steel Festival (A)

Bratislava (SK) w. Warcode

Bavarian Battle Open Air (D) (w. Hypnos, Aroganz, Deserted Fear)

Headliner Metal Outbreak Festival (A)

Upcoming events:

Split CD-release planned with an Austrian Old-School Metal Band

Songwriting for the third full-lenght album

Gigs/Festivals already confirmed : Storm Crusher Festival (D), Vienna (A), Ljubljana (SLO), …




Barbarian Steel (2012, full-length, Nihilistic Empire Records)

Storms of the Netherworld (2015, full-length, Nihilistic Empire Records)


Press release :

TULSADOOM combine rude and bestial Thrash/Heavy metal with an epic atmosphere and dirty rock’n’roll to an innovate and incomparable barbaric beast, that sounds like a hammer of steel bursting iron armour. The savages worship beer, women and barbarism, while taking no prisoners. To date, Tulsadoom released two merciless full-lenght albums, while crushing European stages and brewing own battle-ale for the thirsty throats of the strong. May Crom grant you the chance to encounter the raw, barbaric metal of Tulsadoom on your quest for the riddle of steel! Whet your blades and get ready for battle!


Live clips:

Live 2014, Taunus Metal Festival http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21zMeVfEmsA

Live 2014, Kaltenbach Open Air https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojkR7bG6OOQ




Current Lineup:

Sototh Dult Vocals (+Lyrics & Booking)

Virgin Penetrator Lead & Rhythm Guitars (+Songwriting, Concepts and Management)

Skullcrusher Volkov Lead & Rhythm Guitars (+Responsible for brewing Barbarian Beer)

Rick Thunder Bass Guitars (+Concepts, Songwriting & Booking)

Doktharr Radiovodnik Drums and Percussion (+Graphical support)


Official Website: http://www.tulsadoom.at

Bandcamp: https://tulsadoom.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tulsadoom

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tulsadoomband

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tulsadoom-official

Metal-Archives: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Tulsadoom/3540344250

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUk_IaZ6zuMDJgGCCpTx6Bw

Mail: contact@tulsadoom.at (General questions, Merch, Reviews, Interviews)

booking@tulsadoom.at (Worldwide booking)

Tel: 0043/676 36 77 283 (Csörsz”VP” Nagy)

Adress: Csörsz Nagy

Eduardgasse 9/17

A-1190 Wien


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