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Tsar Bomb - Neowarfare

So ask yourself this, how many decent Spanish Black Metal bands can you think of? probably not too many right? Beltane? Early period Dantalion? For me I had a love/hate relationship with Cryfemal and their weird/noisy brand of Black Metal with an over the top drum machine and oddly placed effects but I digress and onward with the review….


Tsar Bomb are the exception to that rule and have actually produced a quite Kvlt worthy slab of nihilistic, blast beat laden Black Metal.


There are meaty riffs to be had, scornful raspy vocals and an actual audible bass guitar for once.


Now I will say these are programmed drums and i will say its done quite well, sometimes the fills are a little over the top but the blasts and kicks sound decent and quite organic, which is a bonus as most people do not know how to use drum machines/programs to their full effect.


There are some Marduk-isms on here as far as the speed factor go but they also know when to slow it down and let the riffs do the talking.


This was a pleasure to come across and restored my blackened faith in Spanish Black Metal.


Recommended for fans of Marduk, Nokturne, Zyklon.




1. Intro

2. Tsar Bomb

3. Victorious Death

4. Nuclear Feast

5. Neowarfare

6. Ashes of My Enemies

7. Zyklon-B for the Human Race

8. Tupolev TU-95

9. Nammu








Ocram – Vocals & Bass

Ivan – Guitars

Axael – Guitars

Leinad – Drums



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

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