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So this time it’s Mexico bringing us a unique, appealing band that leans a bit toward a fusion of mild speed metal and slight power metal, elements that cross to make an intensely interesting and successful experiment. Tritton is a band that comes to us courtesy of Mexico City and their debut album titled “Face Of Madness” is an innovative collection of songs determined to set themselves apart from the cookie cutter acts today, and they do so with style. First aspect of the band you will notice is singer Lorena Cabrera. She makes no attempt to try to come off as a man by using harsh vocals in a lower key. She always sings to her strength and has a classic Geddy Lee style of wailing, injecting raw feeling. She may turn off some, but like that she sings to her strength and that she adds her own touches to the music. I was turned off at first until she grew on me, although her voice is a bit too thin to truly embody the music. Sometimes you have to take a few risks. She might not always fit (she really doesn’t tone it down ever), but it is still refreshing to hear a band take a chance. Musically, Tritton sound a bit like they missed the NWOBHM boat years 25 years ago. This album is a bit of a throw back to the mid-80’s. The ripping guitar riffs flow reminiscent of mid-80’s Anthrax with clever leads and catchy hooks that add the necessary musical flourish when Lorena is not wailing her lungs out. Overall, I would say that album is good. It is a good start for a unique group that has the ability to release incredible music in the years to come. But as it stands right now “Faces Of Madness” is a necessary growth spurt.




1. Martyr

2. Wanton War

3. Face of Madness

4. Insurrection

5. Flash of the Blast

6. Asphyxia

7. 33 Degrees North

8. Martir




Victor Varas – Bass

Yohan Torres – Drums

Enrique Torres – Guitars

Jose Gomez – Guitars

Lorena Cabrera – Vocals



Rating: 7.5 out of 10


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