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Trillion Red

Echo Road”


Trillion Red - Echo Road

I recently reviewed Trillion Red and their ” Metaphere” album from 2012, which was a journey through the realm of Prog Metal/Rock with some experimental leanings. Now with this E.P from 2013, Trillion Red return with what seems to be a complete new side to proceedings and for me I was a little saddened by what they have become. Gone are the Prog Metal stylings and what has taken over is a more experimental laden affair with an assortment of electronic usage.


I’m all for bands trying new things and with the last opus from 2012 I reviewed I found that you couldn’t really get into the songs due to the nature of experimental and ambient sections cropping up but the songs were good, but with this it seems like they threw away a blueprint for a potential masterpiece in the making.


This is worth checking out if you like the more experimental side of things but I would recommend the ” Metaphere” album over this due to the fact their is more of a ” Metal ” feel to it.




1. Metaphere

2. Trillivm Red

3. Domptre Le Monstre

4. Memoirs of the Future



Rating: 6 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

Trillion Red



Trillion Red - Metaphere

Hailing from San Francisco, California we have Trillion Red who delve into the world of Progressive Metal/ Rock with some ambient leanings for good measure.


Now when I say Progressive Metal I’m not talking Dream Theater or Symphony X here, this is more on the Tool side of the scale.


There are some beautifully played parts on this album, its no shred fest by any means but enjoyable all the same. I think my only real gripe would be is that the songs don’t flow a well as I would like them to, by this I mean when you start nodding your hear to the song it gives way to an ambient type or mellow section all too soon.


This would be right at home on Inside Out records albeit the lighter side of their output,


In fairness this was a little too much on the experimental side for me but i can appreciate this for what it is and that’s a well played album full of little surprises spanning across the Prog Metal/Rock stratosphere.




1. Blood Bravado

2. Trichroic Prelude: Mira Lore

3. Trichroic: Part I. In Ever Loving Shadows

4. Trichroic: Part II. In Darkness, We Cannot Be

5. Trichroic: Part III. Ephemeral Light

6. Cuts Come In 3’s

7. Bug-Id

8. Parables And Levitation

9. Sin Forecasting

10. For Pain

11. Dawn State



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

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