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Tribulation’s history goes back at the beginning of the year 2008, Agares start to write songs with a strong inspiration in the first works of Bathory, Immortal, Sodom and Mayhem, also influenced by the occultism and the cold climate of the south of chile. Spent the months thereabouts per June – July, Agares manages to find his first members, Oscar Flores in battery, and Cristian Diaz in guitar, formation that only would last a couple of months and split up for problems of time especially of the drummer. In the following months Agares continues writing songs because he thinks that the first songs were bad and boring, rescuing only ” send the priest to hell ” and ” violent scream in darkness ” and leaving of side songs not included in the demo called: ” die in blasphemy ” and ”winter demon”. At the end of the year 2009 Sebastian Bastias joins to the band as drummer, and again Cristian Diaz as guitar, playing this way for almost 4 months, managing to record a rehearsal of very low quality where they can find the 2 songs rejected by Agares. Finally the formation dissolves for musical differences principally, but preserving the good relations. In the year 2010 Agares write songs for his project, but without managing to record. In 2011 Agares knows Esizkur in the cold lands of Concepcion, where they begin to play like duo 4 songs. In the summer of 2012 they enter to the recording studio this way to record the first promotional demo of the band ” In Nomine Dei Nostri Satana Luciferi Excelsi “. Integrating later and up to the current importance to Azathot in battery, playing in little concerts in the eighth region(Concepcion). The current formation recently has extracted a new demo called: ” Ars Ritus Atrum “, 6 Black’s new melodies cold and merciless metal, in the style of the old usage.

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