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Trials is a progressive thrash metal band from Chicago, Illinois. The band originated as a studio-only project between vocalist/guitarist Mark Sugar and original drummer Sasha Horn. With few expectations, the duo recorded a demo in late 2007. However, the demo was met with an overwhelming response from both music fans and industry insiders, and it was quickly decided to assemble a full band. The current Trials lineup includes Sugar, bassist Usha Rajbhandari, drummer Adam Kopecky, and new guitarist Ryan Bruchert (formerly of Chicago grind legends HeWhoCorrupts).


Trials released their debut album, “Witness To The Downfall,” in August 2011. Recorded with engineer Chris Wisco (Novembers Doom, Lazarus AD) and mixed by Lasse Lammert (Alestorm),”Witness” is a powerful blend of modern metal and old-school thrash, informed by the likes of Death, Gojira, and Strapping Young Lad. Released and financed independently, the album nonetheless received strong reviews in the metal press, including a 7/10 in Metal Hammer UK and a runner-up for Best Album of 2011 by


The band is already hard at work on the follow-up to “Witness To The Downfall,” with Lammert returning to mix the record. This new album will mark the recording debuts of both Adam Kopecky (who joined the band shortly after “Witness” was recorded) and recent addition Ryan Bruchert on guitar. Vocalist/guitarist Mark Sugar describes the new material as “the definitive sound of this band. The new songs are heavier and faster than the first record, but also more interesting musically, and a little more progressive. We have evolved.” The band plans to go the independent route once again, with a release planned sometime in early 2013.

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