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The Indian torch bearers, carrying forward the Norwegian / Swedish legacy of the most authentic, ritualistic, satanic underground black metal. Toxoid is on a quest to establish the devil’s empire, and overthrow all which is not real. Its arsenal, of blood thirsty merciless music, and heartless lyrics, and plethora, of satanic hymns, makes sure, to give chills to even the toughest of the men. Toxoid never bothers about being commercial, we are true to our music. TOXOID became active on August 2012.



“What more malice can be added, when there is already so much hatred existing in the world.”

Charisma, passion, hunger, renunciation, and liberation, are some of the words that describe them.

“Opposites are complimentary to each other.” Their music expresses what Black Metal is supposed to express.



Our musical themes are derived from the existing biases, prejudices, atrocities, and torment of society. It would be very ignorant to say that, our music is provocative, or instigating, but if the listener contemplates, then he/she can easily correlates it with there own lives as individuals in society.



All Hail the Black Hordes.

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