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Toxic Waltz - Decades of Pain

I do not know who to blame. Is it digital recording? Is it that Thrash was born in the very early 80’s before pro tools? When I hear a band like Toxic Waltz, I think two things. One, these guys musically are tight, they have great riffs and drives. Two there is a lot of great energy, but there is something missing. Thrash was raw and aggressive. Thrash had to contend with bands where the guys who looked like girls, acted like girls and played songs for girls got all the dough. While the best music ever made was scraping for beer money. I want there to be Thrash albums forever, I do not care how many retreads there are. Thrash, Speed, Original Black Metal rule forever. Until bands stop plugging into computers and playing cheap fast and easy music will continue to stagnate.


I also hate clean fa la la singing. While the vocals in Toxic Waltz are gravely, heavy, and he has the application of the Thrash Metal chops down to a T. It does not have the aggressive emotion needed. At least I didn’t feel it. I totally hear it, for sure, but the impact is just not there.


Should you check out Toxic Waltz, Fuck Yeah. Ironically for me, one of the more mellow tracks on the CD, Suicide Squad, really stood out. Props for naming yourself after and Exodus song.




1. Intro

2. Decades of Pain

3. World of Hate

4. Toxic Hell

5. Suicide Squad

6. Green

7. Morbid Symphony

8. Priest of Lies

9. Obsession to Kill




Angelo – Vocals

Flo – Drums

Rahman – Bass

Jimi – Lead Guitars

Alex – Rhythm Guitars



Rating: 7 out of 10

~Alaric Barca

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