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…The Dissection Of Christ”


Torn The Fuck Apart - ...the Dissection of Christ

This CD kicks ass. They call themselves Technical Death metal, yes they are. Angels Decay is favorite song. The riffing of the blazing guitar. The thundering blast beats and the double bass parts are brutal. What makes this band so unique is they remind of the old school bands like Suffocation, Death and a little of Nocturnus, Anyway each track is so different from each other. Love the intros too. I even think Glen Benton would love this death metal group. If you want a band like cannibal Corpse. Get this CD.




1. God’s Blood Turned Black

2. Father of Filth

3. …The Dissection of Christ

4. Our Serpent Savior

5. Bashed in Prophets

6. Purgatorium (instrumental)

7. Dead Religion

8. Decapitated Disciples

9. Crucifixion Infection

10. Angels Decayed in Dust




Michael Langner – Guitars/Vocals/Samples

Nick Yeates – Guitars

Brandon Mitchell – Bass

Jake Page – Drums



Rating: 9 out of 10


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