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Throne of Malediction

Out of Darkness, Comes Light”


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Throne of Malediction is a symphonic black metal band with a female vocalist. The use of clean female vocals is utilized throughout their sound and is mixed well into the symphonic bits in the album. However, Out of Darkness, Comes Light falls short of really bringing forth any strength. Much of the album relies on basic riffs repeated along with synth and other electric keyboard bits as a foundation. One noticeable aspect is definitely the prominence of the bass guitar in the album. It’s mixed quite high and very loud which is definitely something different and good.

Much of the album approaches black metal at a slower more gothic/symphonic angle reminiscent of bands that rose in the late nineties and early 2000s from the Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth scene.


As with most of these bands, Throne of Malediction really lacks a lot. Nothing sets it apart from any other album from this genre other than the clean singing and the bass tone.


Not an exciting listen for this reviewer.




1. Shadow Mass

2. Without the Sun

3. A Burden of Ages

4. Not Meant for Me

5. Farther Down

6. Born of Innocence

7. In the Bleeding

8. Day of Lies

9. Everything’s Going Cold

10. Dead Memories

11. The Soulforge

12. What Will Never Be [feat. Vrangsinn]

13. Syncretism VI [feat. Black Salvation]




Eric Horner- Guitars/Vocals

Felicia DeWeese- Guitars



Rating: 6 out of 10


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