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Band name: Throne of Malediction

Location: Visalia, California, USA

Victory By Fire Records/Misantrof AntiRecords



Eric Horner/ Guitar, vocals

Jessica Horner/ Guitar, vocals



We are a blackened doom band from Montana, USA. Relocated in 2012 to California, USA… Our tempestuous existence permeates our sound. Led by duo Eric and Jessica Horner…


Throne of Malediction was formed in late 2006 under the name Sonic Demise, with Eric “Godaweful” Horner (vocals, guitar) & Jessica Horner(vocals, guitar, keys) as the core members. Throne of Malediction has a wide range of sound that is all based in black metal principles and doom. Lyrics are written about fantasy and personal experiences.


Throne of Malediction released a limited print EP called EP-1 and played many shows in the northwest USA from 2007 to 2011. Throne of Malediction are still continuing to write new material and released their debut album “Ceremonial Blood” through Victory By Fire Records in July 2011. The second album, “Out of Darkness, Comes Light” was released on April 30th, 2013 for free download at Torn Flesh Netlabel. Continuing to record new songs with guest artists, Throne of Malediction will live on and plan more albums… Eric and Jessica also worked on a side band, Irreverant Soul, which released an EP through Satanica Records in January 2010…


“Like so many other black and doom metal bands in the United States, this is another one that goes under the radar but shouldn’t. This is enjoyable for anyone who like doom metal or black metal. Do not miss this band, you will thank yourself for it.”


The Metal April 2012

Combining the raw, bullet-blasting sincerity of Black Metal with a toned-down solemnity uniquely their own, Throne of Malediction paint a stunning soundscape that at once pulverizes and soothes the listener’s senses”… DaVayne/Forbidden Magazine


“It doesn’t get much more underground than the frequently frozen hinterlands of Montana,& not many would expect a metal band of any quality to hail from such an inauspicious location. If places like Norway have taught the world anything, however, it’s that the frigid backwoods can produce some very surprising musical talents. Throne of Malediction is one such group of up-and-comers who have been forced to make their own unique sound because, frankly, there just aren’t enough other bands in their scene for them to copy anyone else”xFiruath Go to our Myspace or Facebook sites for the best info….



~ Self released cassette under Sonic Demise name/April 2008

~ “EP-1” /self-released demo CD-R album/Feb 2009

~ Full Length Debut, “Ceremonial Blood” /Victory By Fire Records/ July 2011

~ “Rites” /self released EP split with Irreverant Soul/October 2012

~ Second full length, “Out of Darkness, Comes light”/Torn Flesh Records/April 2013

Compilations and collaborations:

~ “Downtown Metal 5 Compilation” /Quickstar Productions June 2009

~ “Holy Fucking Anti-Christmas Compilation” /Misantrof Antirecords Dec 2009

~ “Irreverant Soul self titled EP” (side project) /Satanica Records Jan 2010

~ “Most Unholy Convergence Compilation” /Satanica Records June 2010

~ Flamecult Records Presents: The Underground Alliance Vol 1 November 2010

~ Beltane “Brown Metal”/collab song “All Hail Bazalgette”Satanica Records 201

~ “Black Metal Agenda” #6 compilation” /BMA Norway August 2010

~ “Black Metal Agenda” Vol 10 Tribute Edition comp” /BMA Norway September 2010

~ Torn Flesh Records ” Selective Mutism” compilation December 2011

~ “Holy Fucking Anti-Christmas Compilation” /Misantrof Antirecords Dec 2011

~ “Most Unholy Convergence Compilation 2” /Satanica Records April 2012





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