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The Regal Pulse Of Lucifer”


Thou Art Lord - The Regal Pulse of Lucifer

Hello true metal heads, I have a great band for you. You want black/death/thrash, here it is. Thou Art Lord.. The first 2 tracks pulled me in. I love the dark heavy tones with some dark keyboard sounds. All the band members are very original. Glad to see good craft out there. The production on this CD is killer. Love to see them live. Now I must go light me some black candles. Listen to this in my nocturnal world. All hails to this true metal band.




1. Nine Steps to Hell


3. Das Messer

4. The Regal Pulse of Lucifer

5. Artificial Malevolence

6. Justicia Profana

7. L’Evangelium de Diable

8. Infernarium

9. Fire and Blood!/




Gothmog – Vocals
The Magus- Bass/Additional Vocals
Necromayhem – Guitars/Additional Vocals
El – Guitars/ Keyboards
Maelstrom – Drums



Rating: 10 of 10


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