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Sacrilegious Unification Spawn of Abominable Darkness & Hate”


Thornspawn-Istidraj  - Sacrilegious Unification Spawn of Abominable Darkness & Hate

Sacrilegious Unification Spawn Of Abominable Darkness & hate is a 2013 split album featuring two nasty, vicious, and vindictive black metal bands, each with a slightly different style, but both representing the genre well. Neither band breaks the black metal mold, but each one comes with a slightly different flavor that keeps this split interesting, but not earth shattering. Both of these bands have their similarities, but Istidaj from Singapore bring faintly more dynamic flair with them in the form of tighter vocals that can switch between mid-range deep growls to a high rasp. The guitar riffs have a bit more of a chaotic feel, while perfectly serving the song. Blast beat drumming keeps everything together, but there is nothing that you haven’t heard elsewhere before. Not bad, but not original. The second band on this spit is a band called Thornspawn from Texas. There are similarities between the two but Thornspawn comes off as the more raw of the two. Raspy vocals blast in your face drowning out most of the other musicianship in the possess. Everyone else seems slightly muffled by comparison. Not much on this half is especially original either. Songs start with blast beat drumming and shredding guitar riffs. Play hysterically for a few minutes with great black metal singing in your face, assaulting your senses, and then it ends leaving the listener with no real lasting impression. This is not a bad split of two black metal bands; it is just too bad that neither band comes off as unique.




1. Thornspawn – I, the Great Incinerator of Deceased Jerusalem

2. Thornspawn – Blood Spilled Upon Thrones of Absu

3. Thornspawn – From the Jakals Womb

4. Thornspawn – My Altar Shall Be Your Grave

5. Istidraj – Pandemonik Kaos

6. Istidraj – Dawn of Conquering

7. Istidraj – God Fukkin Sodomy

8. Istidraj – Satanik Warfare





Blackthorn – Drums/Bass/Vocals

Moon – Guitars

Hella Bass



Z:c4 – Guitars

Art – Guitars

Lord Arian Inferno – Vocals/Bass

Faust – Drums



Ratings: Thornspawn: 7 out of 10 Istidraj: 7.5 out of 10 Overall: 7 out of 10


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